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Mary Lou passed over to Heaven at the age of 82 years young.  Her family of 4 daughters and 1 son, 18 grandchildren and 22 great-grandchildren, and countless other family members and friends all loved her dearly.  


Mary Lou resided in Chatham, VA at the time of her passing.


She had a wonderful spirit and positive attitude.  She took whatever hand life dealt her and made the best of it.  She was happy with herself and her lot in life.  She was very strong, and very strong-willed, never complaining of her circumstances, but making the best of them and moving forward.  If anyone could make wonderful lemonaide out of lemons, or a beautiful painting out of old cardboard, or find the good in a bad situation, it was her!


She lived fiercely.  She hated the thought of bothering anyone, and was fiercely independent.  She fiercely defended her right to her freedoms, and she fiercely defended every member of her family.   


She was an artist, and a creative thinker, with an interest in many things, including books, coins, music, art, and collecting.  She was also an intellectual and very intelligent.  She loved politics and the law, and often read and studied both.  


She'll mostly be remembered for her sense of humor, her independence, her wonderful spirit, her generous nature, her love of family, and her unwaivering faith in God. 


She will be forever loved and forever missed.  She touched the lives and the hearts of all who knew her.