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Alex Ray Felder become another one of our family's angel's recently. I and most family called him Ray. We all have so many memories of Ray, some good some bad Im sure like in any family. I myself knew him as a joker. He was so funny at time's he'd talk about you and you could be standing right there. I would look at Ray when i pull'd in the drive way and he would look just like palpal standing there on that porch. I bet alot of us family had to take that second look. I feel that Ray filled my palpal shoes when my palpal passed away. My grandmother must be a strong women to have to had to bury her husband and now her son. I pray that god will give her the strength to get through this along with everyone else. I heard my sister tell my mom that she did not have to say goodbye, because its not goodbye because one day we will all be angels beside him. That has stuck with me, even though times like this is so hard we pick up and move on, we have to. And that is the circle of life, i've heard god would never put more than what we could handle on us, and some times i questioned it, but its so true. Thats our lesson's learne'd and what make's us stronger.  My last word will be i love you Ray like everyone else and you will always be remember'd.   


Ray would have wanted his family and friends to remember him as he was before he became ill. always ready to have a good time,laugh with his friends and family, Play a winning game of Poker, Or grab a fishing pole and head down to the pier! He would ask of all that love and loved him,to not mourn about his passing but to be happy that he is no longer suffering.Go on living each day to it's fullest,while remembering that he's not far away and to keep his memory close to your hearts forever.