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Amoree was born November 23, 2004 to Jamie (my Daughter) and Isaac Martin God blessed our family with this beautiful Angel. I could have never imagined what honor being her Nana would be she could give you a smile that you couldn't forget and her big teddy bear hugs melted your heart. If you really wanted to get her excited all you had to do was mention shopping she was always ready to go. Even though she was only here with us for a short time she brought more joy into our lives than anyone ever has.

My favorite trip was the Easter we took Amoree to the Biltmore Estate it was her first Easter she had a beautiful purple dress that Jamie bought for her to wear she was so small it was a great time together.

Amoree you are the love of my life you are your Nana's special Angel in Heaven I miss you more than words can say.