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My beloved son was born on Good Friday 4/9/1971, what a gift from God I recieved on that day.  I waited 9 months to give birth to this beautiful child and when I first saw him I cried with so much joy. Sadly 29 yrs. later he was taken from me in just a matter of 5 minutes and I cried again but this time my tears were of sarrow.  Chris was a devoted Father of 2, Christinah age 6 &

Christopher A. age 3.And a caring son and brother. On the day of his crossing over he was attending a family function when 2 gang members crashed the party.  The D.A. said they killed him in order to remain loyal to the gang.  Regardless my Son did not deserve to die this way. No one was the right to take someone elses life under any circumstances.  Though it's been tough for all of us I take comfort in knowing that my Son was a CHRIST beliveing man and was comforted into Gods arms.