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when i first met grandpa brown, it was at a family event...which was a few weeks after i moved here with his grandson john.i was so shy that i tryed hiding and avoid talking to anyone, until grandpa brown spotted me and said.. "ya know you dont have to hide or be shy we dont bite..well i dont bite that hard anyway." and then he winked and laughed....ever since that day i started openin up to the family. i miss you grandpa!
lizzy myers added 12.26.2010 17:12
I'll never forget my Wedding day when Pops told me if "John" doesn't show he will step in. LOL. He always knew what to say. Love ya Pops. Happy Birthday. Love you much :)
Rebecca Brown added 10.06.2010 13:14
Grandpa was halarious and very loving! As soon as he met you, he would tell ya he loved you. He had a huge heart and never forgot a b-day or holiday. We miss you and will always remember you for your love and sence of humor.
Ryan & Megan Brown added 10.05.2010 13:35
6/19/10 J.B. .......How do you put into words twenty years of friendship.You were there for our worst and best.It was Uncle Jack there for the birth of my Grandaughter Taylor who arrived too soon at 24 weeks and a little over a pd.It was Uncle Jack with a gift for each visit.It was Uncle Jack and Aida there when Tayor's Mommy went home to be with Jesus.As I write this there is a big beautiful butterfly outside my window.I know you are with my daughter and your little girl.I miss you!
Bobbie added 06.18.2010 21:39
Memories of JACK BROWN, to describe memories of Jack is like trying to descibe the word love, each memories will cause a smile to light up. many times it will be a laugh. Jack was like the ocean-deep-and like the sun-bright also like a puupy -fun to be with. Jack was my Brother then,now and forever
Bill added 06.14.2010 08:40
He always made you laugh, no matter how you were feeling. He was there for me after I lost my husband. He would come by on Wednesdays and have lunch, how I missed those talks!! Jack was my brother, not my cousin!!
Linda Shull added 06.13.2010 20:34
Dad rarely ever missed a family function such as a Birthday, Christmas, Graduation or the birth of a grand or great grandchild. He was very dedicated to his family.
Tammy Williams added 03.01.2010 20:16