Lit Candles2569
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After serving his country, he married his soulmate, Marline Tiede and had a ready-made familiy after my biological grandfather died. He took very good care of my Dad and Aunt. Then the grandchildren came and took over his life. But he loved it. We loved waiting for him when he got off work. We ran out to his old El Camino where he parked beside the garage and gave him a happy welcome before he even got out of his car. Most of the time was spent with him outside in the barn or garage. He has taught us all lots of things and has left us with many great memories. Even near the end when he was grouchy. He was still feisty like Grandma. Growing up, I never thought I would be without him. When he went to be on his 'date' with Grandma, I didn't want to go on. But at least they are together for eternity looking down on us making sure we are taking care of ourselves. I love you Grandma and Grandpa and think of you everyday. *Thank you for the Cuckoo!*