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Tabitha was born on January 28,1981 to Larry and Helen Barnett of Shannon,Ms. At the first site of the amazing smile Tabitha had on her face the first time she saw her mom and dad their hearts melted...Her parents knew at that very moment Tabitha would grow up and become an amazing woman.  She would leave an everlasting impression on each and every life she came in contact with. Through out Tabitha's childhood and school years and then into adult-hood she left life changing experiences for everyone who knew her.. One of the changes happened on December 17,1999. My brother Dewayne and Tabitha exchanged wedding vows......then later down the road on December 11,2001, Tabitha gave birth to the most amazing little boy that her and Dewayne named Halen!!!!!!!!!!!  He is the spitting image all of his moma and daddy in looks,ways,habits and most of all temper-LOL...... But thats just a few ways Tabitha left her marks in the short life in which she lived to the fullest and fought the hardest to get thru all the the trails and tests that was put before her.... She fought and won the battle into remission over Leukemia-when most of us would have given up then to be taken away from us by Pneumonia.... But this is  MEMORIAL HEAVEN IN HONOR OF OUR ANGEL "TABITHA" NOW IN HEAVEN WHERE SHE'S NOT IN ANY PAIN OR SUFFERING AND WALKING EVERYWHERE LEAVING SMILING FACES ON EVERYONE AROUND HER!!!! WE LOVE AND MISS YOU TABITHA AND YOU WILL FOREVER LIVE IN OUR HEARTS AND THOUGHTS            UNTIL WE SEE YOU AGAIN KEEP KEEP YOUR WINGS AROUND US AND YOUR SMILE ON US!!!!!!!!!!