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Just as the sun will set then rise with each and every dawn, the souls of those who lived life well, eternally live on...

Now that the sun has seemed to set on one so very dear, please know a soul who lived so well remains forever near.

God Bless You for Eternity


     Verne (Vern) Prewitt was born May 31, 1926 in a garage in So. San Gabriel, California.  The town name has changed a few times from Wilmar, Garvey and Rosemead, CA.  He was baptized as a Mormon.  Vern and his friends, Rudy Phillips, Mario, Lester and Donald joined the United States Navy in May 1942.  Vern and Rudy were only 16 years old but told them they were 18 because they wanted to help their fellow countrymen. He served in World War II honorably for his country.  On May 28, 1946, Vern was a Machinist's Mate Second Class and was honorably discharged from U.S. Naval Personnel Separation Center U.S.N.B., T.I., San Pedro, California and from the Naval Service.  Have to say, wow, what a hottie!  He loved the beaches and women.

     Vern is preceded in death by his daughter Donna Marie Prewitt, father James Elbert Prewitt, mother Cora J Eskelsen, sister Dorothy Gertrude Prewitt, brother Earl Willis Prewitt and brother Roy Alvin Prewitt.

     He is survived by his sister Ida Mae Phillips of Apple Valley, CA., his daughter and caretaker, Verna Jeni Brightwell and her husband Michael Brightwell both of Shingletown, CA., daughter Vicki Lynn Brown of LA County, son Tharon Lee Prewitt (aka:Terry) of LA County, adopted daughter Kim LaBruno, grand children Shawnee Ni Ni Glover, Buck Edward Hyde, both of Reno, Nevada, and Shawn Brown of LA County, along with several great grandchildren and great great grandchildren.

     Vern started driving trucks in 1945, he drove until approximately 1980.  He was a member of the teamsters local #208 in LA County.  He married Betty Jane Eldridge, September 6, 1947, whom he had two daughters with. They divorced in 1953.  He then married Kathleen Martin on July 20, 1957, whom he had a daughter with.  They divorced in 1960.  Then he married Alice Chastain around October 21, 1962, whom he had a son with.  They divorced, however date unknown.

     He moved from LA County to Redwood Valley, CA in 1986.  Here he made several friends, who when he left , kept in contact with cards and letters.  He was a man who never forgot a birthday or Christmas card. He will be very missed by all his friends in this small town outside of Ukiah, CA.

     In 2004 he moved to Shingletown, CA to be near his daughter Verna and her husband Michael.  They were both very excited to have him close.  He made them laugh all the time with his jokes. He loved their cat, Kitters, but he loved Buster the best, his lab.  A mans best friend as the saying goes.  Buster was already in heaven awaiting his arrival.   

     Vern was a jokester all his life.  He loved entertaining his friends and family.  One time him and his nephew, Richard Masten was in the grocery store with Verna (Vern’s daughter), they started rolling cans down aisles; yelling, "VERNA".  She was so embarrassed but laughed later.  Another time, he was always taking Richard on long hauls and they always stopped at the same restaurant and ate corn beef hash and eggs.  The last time they stopped here, the restaurant was closed.  He was very upset, so he found someone and asked why it was closed; turned out that they were shut down for using dog food in the place of corn beef hash.  Boy was he mad about eating dog food all those times.  His sister, Ida Mae wrote that Vern and his friend Rudy used to take her bike and tease her.  She also said that he would shoot her in the back with his BB gun and lock her in the closet.  She would tell mom on him all the time.  Wow, he was a meany!

     Vern loved his football team San Francisco 49ers and his baseball team San Francisco Giants.  He watched football and baseball on TV all the time, and if anyone interrupted him, oh la la, trouble. 

     He also had another side that was caring and helpful.  He wanted the best for us.  Told us never give up, keep trucking even when it’s tough, and when it’s tougher, fight harder, because we succeed all expectations.  He had a laugh that made you laugh, a smile that made you smile.  He will be missed terribly by all that knew him.  We all love you, God Speed!